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We can supply & install a stunning range of Roman Blinds in your home or office. A super range of fabrics and colours are available.

Our Roman Blinds

By Ian Myers, Managing Director.

Roman Blinds are becoming extremely popular in the United Kingdom due to the beautiful fabric ranges currently available and also because they can be automated. The future is here and with the Internet of Everything you will be able to control your blinds simply by telling Alexa, Siri, Watson, or any of the other newly available digital assistants now available to buy from Apple, Amazon and Google etc.

To many folks one might imagine the benefit of saving time for more important things than opening or closing ones blinds might seem excessive, however with ultra busy professionals rushing around to get their daily work done, we are moving towards and era where any opportunity to save time is desirable. If you are a successful professional person with a fairly large house, a couple of children to get ready for school in the morning, perhaps a dog to walk or a daily excerise regimen to stick to, then the idea of saving a couple of minutes in the morning might just appeal. 

For the rest of us, you will be happy to learn that Roman Blinds can still be purchased without motors and the traditional pull-cord or chain is still available. So please feel free to call us more information or to book an appointment for a free, no obligation and no pressure quotation.

For Conservatories

Allow plenty of light into your conservatory with  Roman Blinds but adjust them as required to block out the direct sunlight to prevent excessive over heating of the space.

For Dining Rooms

Perfect for dining areas, especially there your room may be overlooked by neighbouring properties, Roman blinds allow you enough adjustment for privacy without darkeing the room too much.

For Sitting Rooms

For Sitting Rooms and Lounges Roman Blinds are perfect, especially if you need to block some light hitting your TV but you want to keep the blinds open. Simply keep them half open and this usually does the trick.

For Bedrooms

Roman Blinds are perfect for bedrooms because they are available with a blackout lining to ensure you block out all that summer light early in the mornings which can disturb your precious sleep.


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