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We can supply & install a range of Aluminium, Wood, Faux Wood and Perfect Fit Venetian blinds for your home or office.


Watch the video to learn more about the Intu range of blinds then if it's what you are looking contact us for a free survey and quote.

Aluminium & Wood Venetians

By Ian Myers, Managing Director.

Our ranges of Made to Measure window blinds would not be complete without the traditional Venetian Blind and as such we have taken care to select top quality blinds that we have found to be reliable and reasonably priced. We can install these blinds into your home or a full sky-scraper office block! 

I have been asked in the past about our measuring and fitting service by various people and generally give them this reply when asked "why do so many people use your service when blinds are easy to fit yourself?"

"Well, the fact is, not everyone wants to get up steps with drills and screwdrivers. Not everyone is confident climbing over sinks to fit kitchen or bathroom blinds. Many of the people that use our service have zero interest in learning the best type of fixing to use for plasterboard, timber, steel or concrete. They also have no interest in buying the expensive tools to do the fitting. They are usually, older folks or professional people who have busy jobs and want to spend their evenings and weekends with their friends or  family instead of fitting blinds."

So, if you are of a similar mind to our regular customers then give us a call for more information and to book a free survey and quotation. 

Pick a room, any room!

Venetians look good in any room of the house.
Kitchen Venetian Blinds


Easy to clean with a sponge, aluminium venetians work very well in the kitchen.

Conservatory Venetian Blinds


Intu Venetians are the perfect solution for conservatory windows, especially if the windows are tilt and turn.

Black Office Venetians


Offices all over the world still use venetian blinds for privacy and light control. So Venetians are as good at work as they are at home.

Intu Venetians in Bedroom


Venetians when closed block a lot of light so they are good for bedrooms as well, however they will bleed some light through the edges.


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