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Known by many different names, Mirage, Vision, Duo Roller, Day / Night and Z-Lite blinds are all basically the same idea. They are not all of the same quality however. Please read on...

Our Vision Blinds

By Ian Myers, Managing Director.

As stated above there are many names for Vision Blinds within the Blinds Industry. This is mostly because different manufacturers have chosen to try to set theirs apart from some of the cheaper lines being sold on the internet. Most of these cheap blinds are poor immitations of the quality blinds that we sell and install. 

Vision blinds are a type of roller blind with two layers of fabric allowing them to be open partially to allow light in but still offering total privacy. For this reason they are becoming more and more popular. Vision blinds also tend to be more expensive than roller blinds as they are more complicated to manufacture, require more parts and twice as much fabric as a traditional roller blind..

We currently supply & install the Eclipse Mirage and Louvolite versions of these duo roller blinds because they both have their benefits individually but this also gives a larger range of fabrics to choose from.

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Pick a room, any room.

Vision Blinds work in most rooms of your home.

Your Studio

Vision Blinds are perfect for apartments and studios with over-looked windows. They allow privacy with light at the same time.

Dining Room

A modern dining room can easily take Vision Blinds which will transform the look of the room completely.

Your Lounge

Perfect for your lounge, modern Vision Blinds will lift your room perfectly and allow privacy whilst providing all the natural light you will ever need.

Your Conservatory

We have installed Vision blinds in a lot of conservatories and sunrooms and they always look superb! A great choice, especially in modern homes.


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