Garage Door Repairs

Our dedicated repair engineers will assess the work, which may be a simple repair or major overhaul, and offer you the best solution.

We repair all makes and models

 Up and over garage doors
 Sectional garage doors
 Side-hinged garage doors
 Roller garage doors
 Automatic garage doors

We have a vast knowledge and experience of garage door repairs and can fix many common issues, some of which are listed below to assist you.

 Cones & Cables
 Rollers & Spindles
 Hinges & Brackets
 Handles & Locks
 Operators & Remotes
Replacement Canopy Gear
Replacement Retractable Gear
Pivot Arms & Link Arms
Springs & Spring Bolts
Security Additions
Roller Door Motors

Cones & Cables Repair

If your door is wonky like the image above then you need a Cones and Cables repair. This is one of the most common garage door repairs that we do on a daily basis.

Roller Spindles Repair

As well as Cones and Cables you could also need new Roller Spindles. Again, this is a very common garage door repair on older doors. It's not particularly expensive and will allow you to keep your garage door operating for many more years.


Full Gear Conversion

Perhaps you need a full new gear pack. This is generally recommended when your doors gearing is either obsolete or too bad to repair. Providing the door panel is still in good condition this can be a great way to repair your garage door. It's also cheaper than replacing the door, especially if it's a double door - it can save you over £1000 in many cases!


Garage Door Automation

Maybe your garage door operator is on the Fritz? We generally recommend the Hormann brand of garage door openers because we have found then easy to fit, reliable and they have a 5 year Manufacturers warranty. You can lean more about the Hormann range of operators here.

Roller Door Motors

Roller Door Motors can be replaced on most types of Domestic roller shutter. Prices vary depending on the type and size required. We can fit Euro and Somfy motors at very competitive prices. We recommend the Somfy brand as they come with a 5 Year Manufacturers warranty.

Roller Door Controllers

You may need a new control panel for your roller garage door. If this is needed we can replace this quickly, we would generally come the have a look first to ensure the existing controller is actually broken because often they can be simply reset so it's best to check them over first.


Remote Controls

Maybe you need a new remote control coding into your system or a new receiver kit fitted. Expect to pay the call out charge plus the retail price for the remote. We can supply and program genuine operator handsets where they are still available (recommended) or when obsolete we can usually install a universal receiver kit.

Garage Door Security

Additional Security

Perhaps you need additional security for your garage door? We can install dead-locks, defenders and alarms if required.

Handles & Locks

Handles and Locks vary slightly in price depending on the make of door. Most older garage doors in the UK have the lock built in to the handle so the simplest method is to just replace the handle which would come with 2 keys. However many of the newer doors are fitted with locking that allows you to change the lock barrel and this is generally a little bit cheaper depending on the make.

Bolts & Brackets

Bolts & Brackets

There are numerous garage door bolts and brackets that can be replaced or repaired. The cost of these will vary depending on the type. As with handles and locks, you will be charged the cost of the item at retail price plus the call out and labour depending on the time taken to carry out the repair. Most repairs take less than 30 minutes, some can take over an hour depending on the state of the door.

Common garage door and operator Manufacturers we can help with:

Apex, Alutech, Birtley, Birkdale, Bonsack, Catnic, Cardale, Compton, Cordula, Countrywide, Crocodile, Ellard, Essati, Filuma, Garador, Gliderol, Henderson, Hormann, King, Liftmaster, Marley, Marantec, Nationwide, Novoferm, Prestige, Rolexa, Rollux, SWS, Seceuroglide, Somfy, Teckentrup, WM Shutters, Warm Protection, Wessex.

If your door Manufacturer is not listed, call us anyway as we can usually still help with gear conversions.

If your garage door was fitted by Anglian or other similar Double Glazing company then they more than likely fitted one of the above in the past, rebranding as their own make.

Apex for example were Cardale doors and often sold by B&Q or other DIY suppliers.

If it's possible to repair your door then we will. If it's not viable price-wise then we will recommend a new garage door

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We serve Greater London, Surrey, East & West Sussex and Kent for garage door repairs.

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