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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We keep a large stock of springs for the majority of garage doors, if your springs are no longer made we can offer a gear conversion.

Cones and Cables

Cones & Cables

If your garage door is hanging lop-sided the cables have probably become tangled or may have snapped. In this case we recommend a "Cones & Cables" repair. It's one of the most common repairs we do and depending on the make of door and the parts required you will be looking at a cost of between £88 - £108 + VAT.

Full Gear Conversion Kits

Gear Conversions

Sometimes it's cheaper to replace all of the gear on your garage door instead of replacing the door. This is a routine thing for us and we can do this within a couple of days of your inspection visit. We can replace canopy and retractable gearing on the majority of doors providing the panel is still in good condition.

Garage Door Handles & Locks

Handles & Locks

If your handle has broken, you have lost the keys or you have just moved in and want to change the locks, a new handle or euro-cylinder lock can be replaced quickly by our staff.

Garage Door Remotes

Garage Door Remotes

If you have lost your remote control for the garage door you can buy them online or we can come out to code it in for you if you are unsure. We also offer a Universal Receiver Kit wich can be added to your door if the existing controls are obsolete.

Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

If you are looking to get your garage door automated or the existing operator is broken then we can replace your garage door opener quickly. Just let us know the type of door, if it's a large double door or a single door and we can quote over the phone. Prices vary slightly depending on the model of operator you choose.

Roller Garage Door Motors

Roller Door Motors

If your roller shutter garage door is very slow when it's opening or it keeps stopping on the way up, then you will need a new motor. We supply & fit Somfy and Euro motors which are normally in stock or available within a couple of days. Prices vary depending on the make and size of door.

Roller Door Control Panel

Roller Door Controllers

Has your roller garage door control system gone on the blink? Most of the time they can be reset by our staff however if the components are old and failing we can install a new control panel with would come with 2 new remote handsets.

Garage Door Defender

Garage Door Security

If you are looking for more security on your garage door then we can install a variety of dead-bolts, additional locking or one of the most popular is the garage door defender. The Defender is an excellent deterrent for would-be theives so it's a great option of you have a garage on a block.

Popular Manufacturers

Other common Manufacturers we can service:

Apex, Alutech, Birtley, Birkdale, Bonsack, Catnic, Cardale, Compton, Cordula, Countrywide, Crocodile, Ellard, Essati, Filuma, Garador, Gliderol, Henderson, Hormann, King, Liftmaster, Marley, Marantec, Nationwide, Novoferm, Prestige, Rolexa, Rollux, SWS, Seceuroglide, Somfy, Teckentrup, WM Shutters, Warm Protection, Wessex.

If your door Manufacturer is not listed, call us anyway as we can usually still help with gear conversions.

If your garage door was fitted by Anglian or other similar Double Glazing company then they more than likely fitted one of the above in the past, rebranding as their own make.

Apex for example were Cardale doors and often sold by B&Q or other DIY suppliers.

If it's possible to repair your door then we will. If it's not viable price-wise then we will recommend a new garage door

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Service Locations

We serve Greater London, Surrey, East & West Sussex and Kent for garage door repairs.


From April 2019 we will be charging a Premium for all callouts in Central London - if you need a service in the following area (see map image below) the minimum call out is £120+VAT and we no longer offer free quotes in these areas. If you need an estimate then you will need to send us details of the work required by email and we will give you an estimate that way. Sorry for the inconvenience but due to the increased cost of travelling into London we have had to put this in place.


The rest of Greater London will still receive our regular service.

Greater London

We offer a full supply, fitting and repair service in Surrey.


We offer a full supply, fitting and repair service in East Sussex.

East Sussex
East Sussex

We offer a full supply, fitting and repair service in West Sussex.

West Sussex
West Sussex

We offer a full supply, fitting and repair service in Kent.


We offer a full supply, fitting and repair service in Hertfordshire.

We offer a full supply, fitting and repair service in Buckinghamshire.


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