Hörmann UK Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Oldest Garage Door

The N80 902 style garage door on the original property
The N80 902 style garage door on the original property

As Europe’s leading door manufacturer, Hörmann UK, celebrates its 40th anniversary, it is delighted to discover one of it’s up and over garage doors is still being used 39 years after installation. 

Originally ordered in 1980 for a property in Edinburgh, the N80 902 style garage door continues to offer outstanding levels of durability and longevity, for which Hörmann is renowned for.

Owner of the property and self-employed architect, Rory Gibson, said:

“As an architect, I know that Hörmann UK is synonymous with quality and heritage, so it’s great to know that my own garage door has stood the test of time. Our garage door was on the original property when we bought it more than 20 years ago and it’s remarkable to see that almost four decades later, it still looks good and operates as well as the day it was installed.”.

“Over the years we have never required any maintenance or service to our door, and have only re-painted it as we updated the exterior of our home. As I now design property plans for customers, I have no reservations when it comes to recommending Hörmann UK’s range. I work very closely with Hörmann UK in a professional capacity because I want to offer my customers the best possible product, and so it is excellent to have first hand experience of their exceptional offering and customer service.”

The N80 902 style garage door reinstalled on the modernised property
The N80 902 style garage door reinstalled on the modernised property

The N80 902 style up-and-over garage door includes a multiple spring safety system so that if one spring were to break, other springs are robust enough to support the door. Further adding to the durability of the door, the door includes a lever arm so that the door pulls itself shut when closing. With softer closures the door is more likely to stand the test of time.

Area Sales Manager for Scotland and Northern Ireland, Roy Shellam, commented:

“I have been working with Rory for a number of years, particularly when it comes to specifying garage doors for his customers. However, it was only recently that we discovered that Rory’s own property includes what may be one of the earliest Hörmann garage doors to be specified in the UK.

“We were pleased to hear that he has had a great experience with his N80 door, as it means that we can say proudly and with confidence that we can support our customers with quality products and service.”

To view Hörmann UK’s complete offering for the industrial and consumer markets, visit www.hormann.co.uk or call 01530 513000.

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