How much is a new garage door?

This is the most common question we get asked on the phone. We always answer;

It depends on the door size, style, colour and material it’s made from, this is why we recommend a free survey and quote.

For those not actually in the market yet or just curious we recommend you download the main manufacturers price lists and then add VAT. Unless you really need a lot of other work doing at the same time such as timberwork, PVCu cladding, plastering, driveway work, electrical work etc. Then looking through these pricelists is the best way to gauge how much the door will cost.

To calculate the cost of a new garage door you need to know the following:

  1. Opening Width x Height
  2. Between Frame Width x Height (If your existing timber frame is still good the new door can be fitted to it).
  3. What do you want the door made from (steel is usually the cheapest).
  4. What Style of door do you want; there are many to choose from and the price will vary depending on the panel design.
  5. Do you want the door automated; if so you need to add between £350 to £600 + VAT depending on the operator you choose and the power of the model required to reliably open and close your garage door.
  6. If you are having the door automated, is there power in the garage? If not, you will need an electrician to install a switched power socket in an appropriate position, this will depend on the type of door you choose. Also, do you have secondary access into the garage? If not you will need an Emergency Release.
  7. Is there an existing door to remove and dispose of? Most companies will remove the door free of charge but some still charge a nominal fee to remove the existing door.

Assuming you need a standard sized door and theres nothing apart from a new frame required then you calculation will go something like this:

Cost of New Garage Door = Manufacturers List Price of door + Frame + Gear Type + Operator cost + Fitting Charge – Special Offer Discount + VAT

Here is an example:

Garage Door: 7′ 0″ x 6′ 6″ Garador Horizon in White List Price = £599.00 (Includes Retractable Gearing).

75mm Steel Frame: £121.00

Garamatic 9 Operator: £420.00

Emergency Release: £31.00

Fitting: £200.00

Sub Total: £1371.00

VAT: £274.20 (20%)

Grand Total: £1645.20

Deposit: £822.60 (50%)

Balance on Completion: £822.60

If you are paying more than this then you should get additional quotes. Of course you may be able to pay less than this if your supplier is having a special offer. The price shown is based on the List price from Garador as of 2019. New price-lists are usually issued on April each year and generally increase by the cost of inflation. Other factors recently forced prices up such as Brexit and the weak value of the British Pound.

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