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Sandringham Shutters are made-to-order with styles and finishes to suit any window, taste or budget. With five different wood types in a choice of styles including full height, cafe style, tier-on-tier, tracked, shaped and solid panels, there is bound to be a way to satisfy the desire to have this popular window solution. There are 117 wonderful painted and stained colour finishes to choose from - that's definitely a colour for everyone's taste!


Solid shutters are of course not able to allow any light into the room without being opened into the room, however this might be just what you need when security is your main concern. As with all of the shutters we install the solid shutters can be painted in a large variety of colours to suit your requirements.


Shaped shutters are perfect for feature windows, particularly in modern homes where large triangle, circular or hexagonal windows are fitted. Very precise measuring is required for this type of shutter so we always recommend professional measuring and installation.


Cafe style shutters are perfect when you want privacy at the lower level of the window but need to let light in from the top. They are particularly popular in cities and on older Victorian terraced houses with tall slim windows. One would generally take them to the mid-point or top of the mid-rail on the window.


Of course full height shutters are self-explanatory as the cover the whole of the window from top to bottom. They can be divided in to multiple hinged sections depending on the width and there are various combinations and colours etc. to choose from.


It takes no genius to understand tracked shutters! They are simply shutters that fold and slide along a top and bottom track in a concertina fashion. These are particularly useful with wide stretches of glass such as Patio doors and the like.


Tier on Tier shutters are similar to the Cafe style shutters in that one can have privacy at the bottom part of the window and have the top half open to allow light in. When you want full privacy you simply close the top shutter leaves. Simples!

Colours Ranges Available

A selection of the commonly chosen colours available from the total of 117.

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