Alutech Roller Garage Door Anthracite – Single Car

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Single Car Sized Alutech Roller Garage Door in Anthracite

Space Saving

Roller garage doors provide an efficient space saving solution for homeowners wishing to add the convenience of an automated garage door to their home. As roller doors operate entirely vertically, with no tracks travelling back inside the garage, they are often an ideal option if you have space restrictions inside the garage.

When compared to one piece up and over garage doors the major benefit of a roller garage door is the ability to park a vehicle right up to the garage yet still have room for the door to open and close unobstructed. This is as a result of no part of the door swinging outward as it smoothly rolls inside a compact shutter box.

For the Alutech Roller Garage Door Classic 77mm insulated roller garage doors, the curtain rolls up inside a 300mm shutter box which can be positioned behind, underneath or in front of the lintel. When compared to the typical shutter box of a single skin steel roller door, around 400mm, the Alutech Roller Garage Door 77mm offers an excellent space saving advantage.

For even more restricted openings where the box can only be fitted underneath the lintel Alutech Roller Garage Door Compact 55mm is an excellent alternative. Rolling inside just a 205mm box these doors can be fitted in low openings with no space behind or in front of the lintel thus allowing sufficient drive through height for your vehicle.

Where will my door fit?

Roller Door Internal Fit

Internal Face Fix

Where there is sufficient side and headroom, the guide rail and roller assembly would be installed directly to the inside of the garage opening. Recommended for most applications.

Roller Garage Door Reveal Face Fix

Reveal Fix

Installed in between the opening, good where there is limited side or headroom inside the garage. This will reduce the drive through height noticeably.

Alutech Roller Garage Door External Face Fix

External Face Fix

Fitted to the external face of the garage, useful where there is not enough space to install on the inside face, but where maximum drive through space is required.


InsuRoll roller garage doors are a hybrid of Alutech roller shutter systems and Deprat roller shutter components. ALUTECH roller garage doors conform to the European standards of safety and wind load resistance EN 13241-1, EN 12424. This is confirmed by the TÜV-certificate of CE marking and by test reports.

InsuRoll Classic roller garage doors withstand a wind load up to 450 Pa, corresponding to class 2 according to EN 12424, and they can be installed in openings up to 5.92m wide and 3.8m high.

This wind load protection both ensures the safety of you and your family if you are inside the garage during stormy weather and also prevents wind damage which can be costly and inconvenient.

The primary safety system in InsuRoll roller garage doors is the safety edge system integrated into the rubber bottom seal. If the door comes into contact with any obstruction the door is prevented from closing and ensures no injury can be sustained or damage inflicted to any vehicle or other item in the path of the door.

Additionally heavier doors will always be fitted with a spring brake as an additional fail-safe security measure. A spring brake is a simple mechanical device similar to those found in seat belts which resists sudden force, the barrel is prevented from moving should the door begin to fall and therefore even if all other safety systems fail the spring brake will prevent the door from falling.

Alutech Roller Garage Door Anthracite – Single Car
£1,295.00 inc. VAT & Shipping
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