AP100 Multi-Spring Garage Door Gear

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  • Retractable Gear Pack
  • Suits doors up to 100lbs in weight
  • Suits doors up to 8′ wide
  • Instructions included
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AP100 Multi-Spring Garage Door Gear

Here we have the AP100 milti-spring garage door gear recommended when your existing garage door gearing needs to be replaced. By opting for the retractable gearing with multi-springs you are ensuring the door will be safe and reliable for years to come.

NOTE: Image shown shows the Slotted Plates which are not included in this gear pack. They are not needed for all door panels so are not included. If you need the slotted plates you can order them here. Also, this gear pack is only the lifting gear for the door panel, it does not include a handle or locking bars.

Fitting Instructions:

These instructions are slightly abbreviated and assume you have experience with the tools required to complete the work. To begin you will need to completely remove the existing gear on the door panel.

Place the roller brackets flush with the top of the door and clamp into position.

Fit the weather strips flush to the bottom of the roller brackets. The tongue will assist with location.

Ensure the edges of the weather-strip and roller bracket are flush (protruding around 50mm from the edge of the door).

Fix into position using the screws provided.

Move the door panel into position allowing 5-10mm all round from the floor and frame using packers (not supplied).

Put the rollers into the brackets.

Fix the tracks to the frame ensuring the rollers are located in the center of the groove.







Below the weather-strip fix the link arm. Allow 3mm of clearance between the top of the link arm bracket and the bottom of the weather-strip.

The bottom of the link arm can now be fixed to the door panel – Use slotted plates if required.

Lift the door to the open position and prop it in place.

Attach the springs and spring brackets.

Fix the bottom weather strips.

Test the door to ensure it is balances, move the position of the springs to adjust the balance or remove a spring each side if required.

It is essential to fix these parts square and level, failure to do so may affect the running of the door and invalidate the 1 year warranty.

If you are not confident doing this work yourself then book an appointment for one of our Engineers to do it for you.

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AP100 retractable garage door gear
AP100 Multi-Spring Garage Door Gear
£158.33 inc. VAT & Shipping
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