Birtley Red Retractable Spring

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  • Wire Diameter 6mm
  • Number of Coils 50
  • Overall Diameter 40mm
  • Length Excl Hooks 300mm
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A Birtley Red Retractable garage door spring used to repair your existing retractable garage door.


Wire Diameter6mm
Number of Coils50
Overall Diameter40mm
Length Excl Hooks300mm

Fitting Instructions:

To fit the Birtley Red Retractable Spring you will need:

You will need a spanner, the size will depend on the nut holding the adjuster bolt in position. Mole grips are also useful and so is WD40.

  1. Open the door fully and prop it with a length of timber to stop it falling down whilst working on the door.
  2. Make a note of the thread length below the straining bolt bracket.
  3. Loosen the spring tension by undoing the nut on the string adjuster bolt.
  4. Lift off the old spring and replace with the new spring.
  5. Insert the straining bolt into the barcket and tighten the nut until the bolt is in the same position as previously noted in step 2.
  6. Repeat for the other side.
  7. Check the door is balanced (it should not fall to the closed position on it’s own or be too hard to close.)
  8. Adjust the tension as required if the door is not balanced. Use the Mole grips to help with this if required.
  9. Spray the top and bottom spring coils with WD40 if they are squeaky.
  10. It’s now good practice to check over the rest of the door to ensure everything is secured as it should be.

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Birtley red retractable garage door spring
Birtley Red Retractable Spring
£32.50 Inc. VAT & Shipping
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