Cardale CD Pro Cables

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Cardale CD Pro Cables

These are cables used on the CD Pro and Safelift gearing on Cardale Canopy garage doors. They are unique to this model of door and allow the cables to be changed without changing the pulley (plastic drum on either side at the top).

Fitting Instructions:

There are two type of instructions below so ensure you are using the correct version.


For Cables Fitted With Retaining Screws

1. Remove recovery pin
2. Ensure grub-screws in tensioner are fully tightened, opening door slightly to reach rear facing grub-screw
3. Do not remove the unbroken cable at this stage
4. Remove broken cable from wheel spindle hook
5. Loosen cable retaining screw from pulley with broken cable. Do not remove screw. Methods include; either open the
door slightly until the screw is visible from outside, open the door slightly until the screw is visible from inside
(depending on ceiling height) or with two people working inside, both gripping pulleys with 22mm spanners and each
turning upwards in turn until the screw is visible
6. Depending on access, work from either inside or outside the garage. Fit ferrule of new cable into slot on pulley and
wrap cable around the pulley three times ensuring cable is engaged in the retaining screw. Tighten retaining screw (do
not over tighten.) Note: It may be necessary to operate the door by a small amount to gain access to the slot, retainers
and retaining screw
7. If working from outside and no second access is available, open door enough to gain access to garage
8. Close door and feed the cable down the back of the pulley inside the track
9. Using a small screwdriver through the slot provided in the front of track. Push pawl back
10. Hook the cable over the pawl as shown in above diagram. If necessary have an assistant grip tensioner or pulley with
22mm spanner and turn upwards, bringing cable thimble downwards
11. Remove the intact cable, cutting cable with side cutters if necessary
12. Replace cable following steps 4-10
13. Ensure both cables are correctly located within the grooves of the pulley before operating the door

For Cables Fitted Without Retaining Screws:

1. Grip the right hand pulley with spanner and by turning upwards align holes in spring anchor bush and spring shaft. Insert retaining pin into hole fully, then remove the spanner
2. Remove the remaining pieces of the broken cable carefully, ensuring not to damage the pulley. Remove the intact cable
using the same method if possible. If not then cut the cable using side cutters, taking necessary precaution
3. Insert the ferrule of the new cable into the slot on the inside of the pulley. Remove and wrap the cables around the
pulley three times, rotating in the direction of the grooves. Ensure the cable is engaged in the retainers
4. Feed the cable down the back of the pulley inside the track
5. Using a small screwdriver through the slot provided in the front of track, push the pawl back. Hook the cable thimble
over the pawl
6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for the cable on the opposite side
7. Ensure both cables are sitting in the correct grooves on the pulleys. If the spring tension is released with the cable out
of alignment the pulleys may be damaged and the door will not lift
8. To release the spring tension, grip the right hand pulley with a spanner and ease upwards to remove the retaining pin.
Allow the spanner to rotate downwards slowly until the spring tension is taken by the cables
The overhead spring holds immense force, consequently the job can be dangerous. Great care should be taken to follow the
instructions carefully. Safety glasses and gloves should be worn at all times. If in doubt, this work should be carried out by an
experienced installer. We advise replacing both cables.
All work is undertaken at your own risk.

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Cardale CD Pro Cables
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