Garador C Type Cables

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  • Garador C-Type Cables
  • As Old Garador Part: SG230-17
  • As New Garador Part: 1157
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Garador C Type Cables

A pair of Garador C Type Cables used to repair Garador canopy garage doors made between 1999-2002.

To suit canopy doors with side extension springs.
Not for use with old doors with concealed springs.

As Old Garador Part: SG230-17
As New Garador Part: 1157

Fitting Instructions

Please ensure you read these instructions several times before starting. Use gloves for safety! Springs under tension can remove fingers! If in any doubt please get professional help with this repair.

  1. Open the door approximately 15cm and place a block of wood under it to keep it in position.
  2. Remove the C-Clip from the roller spindle located at the side of the door in the track and slide the roller spindle towards the center of the door.
  3. Thread the large loop of the new cable over the plastic roller.
  4. Slide the roller spindle back to its original position and refit the clip.
  5. Ensure the cable is located in the groove of the roller spindle otherwise the door will not be level when it’s opened.
  6. Thread the opposite end of the cable through the spring assembly under the pulley wheel and replace the spring back into the channel.
  7. Holding the mid loop of the cable, slide the spring up the guide channel until you can attach the mid loop to the S hook at the top of the track.
  8. Prop the door in the open position and refit the spring.
  9. Repeat on the opposite side.
  10. Remove the wooden block and check the door is operating properly.
  11. Oil the door with good quality 3 in 1 oil.

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Garador C Type Cables
£9.95 inc. VAT & Shipping
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