Garador Mk3C Cables

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  • Pair Of Garador Mk3c Cables
  • As Old Garador Part: P9900004
  • As New Garador Part: 1155
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Garador Mk3c Cables

A pair of Garador Mk3C cables which suit S/S and C type doors using spring boxes with plastic covers.

If your spring box does not have a plastic cover it should be replaced with a new one.
As Old Garador Part: P9900004
As New Garador Part: 1155

Fitting Instructions

Whilst the Garador Mk3c cables are relatively straightforward to fit yourself we do recommend that you get a qualified garage door repair engineer to carry out this job as it can be dangerous if you make a mistake!

  1. Push the plastic cover to one side on the spring box to show the cable attached to the wheel and spring.
  2. Your aim is to remove the spring tension from the cable. This is done by pulling the cable at the mid point towards the centre of the door. (SAFETY GLOVES MUST BE USED!)
  3. Hold the cable whilst at the same time insert the lug on the spring into the slot of the spring box. The cable should now be loose and safe to remove. Make a note of how the cable goes over the pulleys to ensure you put the new cable in the correct position.
  4. After the cable has been replaced, pull the cable towards the middle of the door as in 2 above and release spring lug from the slot and the tension will return to the cable. Repeat for the opposite side.


If the cable has already snapped we recommend you get a professional local garage door repair service to replace the cables.

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