Hormann LH Roller/Cable Assembly

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  • Roller Bracket
  • 4mm Cables
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  • Fitting Instructions
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Hormann LH Roller/Cable Assembly

This is the left hand side cable and roller assembly for Hormann canopy garage doors made until the anti-drop roller spindles started being fitted in 2002.

Left hand side as viewed from the inside looking out of the garage.

Fitting instructions:

  1. Loosen grub screws in the top pulley to loosen it.
  2. Pull the cable free.
  3. Note how the cable goes to the roller bracket.
  4. Remove the roller bracket and replace with the new one.
  5. Put the new cable in the hole of the top pulley.
  6. Ensure the cable is taught and straight and then tighten the grub screws.

NOTE: If the door is in a precarious position you will need to get the door back into the closed position before attempting to do this repair. In which case we recommend you use our garage door repair service. Book an Appointment Now.


Hormann LH roller cable assembly
Hormann LH Roller/Cable Assembly
£24.96 inc. VAT & Shipping
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