Wessex Cones & Cables

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  • Pair of Cones & Cables
  • Larger Loop
  • Tension Pin
  • Roll Pins
  • Instructions Below
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Wessex Cones & Cables

Here we have a set of Wessex Cones & Cables used on older canopy garage doors made by Wessex Doors. These were fitted to doors prior to the Cardale gear that they began using later.

These Wessex cones & cables are straightforward to fit if you have some experience with tools however we always recommend getting a professional to do the work for you to prevent injury.

Fitting instructions for Wessex Cones & Cables:

The following instructions are quite basic and there are a few things you may need to consider before starting such as; Has the existing cable actually snapped? Is the door in a precarious position? Do you have the skills and tools to carry out this type of job?

Before you start we recommend having to hand the following basic tools:

  1. Hammer.
  2. 4mm Pin Punch.
  3. 2 Pairs of mole grips (not essential but very useful).
  4. A Drill with a socket driver adapter (may not be needed but usually is).
  5. Flat head screwdriver.
  6. 10mm, 13mm and 14mm socket.
  7. Cable snips.

Use the above tools to do the following:

  1. Isolate spring tension using the tension retaining pin (Crook Pin).
  2. Knock out the existing 4mm roll pins with a 4mm Pin Punch and Hammer.
  3. Remove existing cones and replace with the new ones. You may need to loosen the spring assembly using either the flat head screwdriver or the drill and nut driver / sockets.
  4. Attach the cables to the roller spindles. You may need to loosen the tracks to do this or even remove the spindle brackets completely depending how it’s fitted.
  5. Remove the Crook Pin to return the spring tension to the cables. The Flat head screwdriver should help with this.
  6. Oil the door and check it over to ensure it’s running true.

Recommended service:

We recommend you take great care when attempting this repair due to the powerful spring on these doors. It’s easy to get injured when doing this type of repair which is why we recommend using our garage door repair service instead.


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Wessex cones and cables
Wessex Cones & Cables
£11.67 inc. VAT & Shipping
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