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We generally recommend the SWS brand of roller garage doors due to their Steel Endplates which guarantee strength. The cast versions from other suppliers are prone to breaking due to the brittle nature of the material. You will never have this problem with a Seceuroglide door.

The Seceuroglide bottom slat is made from Extruded Aluminium and has a rubber weather seal along the bottom which helps prevent leaves and water ingress. The bottom slat also contains an Optical Safety Edge which stops the door if there is an obstruction such as a person or your vehicle etc.
The double skinned Aluminium Slats contain a denser Insulating Foam than other suppliers and therefore ensures your home is suitably protected from the winter weather, saving you money on heating bills if your garage is attached to your house.
The roller door Box Cover can be added partially or fully if required. A basic door fitted fully behind the opening does not require the box cover except for aesthetic purposes. However it becomes obvious that the cover is required if the roller door is fitted externally. The box cover can be painted to match the colour of the door, again for aesthetic purposes.
The Seceuroglide comes with Superior Locking compared to other roller doors due to the solid locking straps and reinforced top slat. This locking mechanism is only available on SWS doors and therefore beats the rest hands down when it comes to security. The Excel model has the Secure by Design rating which is Insurance and Police Approved.
The SWS roller doors come with the Teleco Control System which incorporates a light and control buttons on the panel. It is supplied with 2 remote control handsets as standard. Additional handsets can be supplied at the time of order or at a later date as required. There is also an option to add the smart control system which allows the door to be operated via an iphone.

Choice of Colours

Choose from standard colours or RAL specific colours...

Hormann Roller Garage Doors. Don't settle for cheap and nasty roller doors, get quality you can rely on!

Black UD55 Compact roller garage door

Black UD55 Compact Roller Garage Door

This door was fitted between the opening and below the linel because the existing garage did not have enough headroom for a traditional back fit. However, we think it looks great and the customer was very happy with his new roller garage door. The door was fitted in E13 area of London.

SWS in white with Rock Door front door

Seceuroglide in White with Windows

This door was fitted between the opening and has 3 rows of punched and glazed slats near the top. This allows plenty of natural light into the garage without compromising on privacy. The door was also complemented with a new Rock Door front door. Whilst not required the customer asked for a vent to be added at the front of the door.

Golden Oak Seceuroglide

Seceuroglide in Golden Oak

This door was fitted fully behind the opening with the door in Golden Oak it matches the front door and frame on the porch extension. This is an example done in Horley, West Sussex.

White Seceuroglide Excel

Seceuroglide Excel in White

This door is a Seceuroglide Excel roller garage door fitted in Horsham. The Excel model comes "Sold Secure" with Police and Insurance approved specification. These doors are very difficult to break in to and really can only be compromised by ram-raiding or cutting a hole in the slats. Thus the noise created would be enough to send a thief searching for an easier target. If you are looking for a very secure door, you can't do much better than this.

Seceuroglide in Mahogany with Windows

Seceuroglide in Rosewood with Windows

Here we have a roller garage door in Rosewood or Mahogany effect finish to the slats with punched and glazed top slats. This particular garage was used as a wood workshop hobby room by the owner and he wanted the natural light to keep the electric bills down whilst pursuing his hobby. The door needed to be fitted onto the timber frame due to the configuration of the lintel but as it's a good quality timber frame this did not prove to be an issue.

Seceuroglide Compact in Black

This Seceuroglide Compact roller garage door was fitted in Tunbridge Wells and because of the white surround the customer agreed it would be a good idea to keep the box cover and guides white to give a nice framed look. The compact door has smaller slats (55mm in height) compared to the regular Seceuroglide door so it's perfect when your garage does not have a lot of head room or when the door has to be fitted between the opening.

Seceuroshield Shutter in Graphite Grey

This Seceuroshield shutter was fitted in London recently to an underground carpark. The door was retro-fitted to keep the existing control system and provides a secure solution to this apartment block.

Seceuroglide in Black

This Seceuroglide Excel in Black was installed at a farm in West Sussex. The height is at the Maximum as far as this make of door is concerned so if you need a taller shutter than this then you are going into the Industrial sizes and should contact an industrial door company.

Pair of Seceuroglide Doors

This pair of white Seceuroglide doors were fitted in Plaistow, West Sussex and we were recommended to our customer by the neighbour next door who also had the same doors installed by us the previous month.

Brown seceuroglide double door

Brown Seceuroglide Double Door

This double width Seceuroglide roller garage door was fitted in Buckingamshire. As you can see the door was fitted between the opening as the ceiling height of the garage was quite low, however there was still plenty of room to get the Range Rover in so there was no issues with height overall.

Blue Seceuroglide Single Door

This Blue Seceuroglide roller door was installed in Hertfordshire quite recently to the delight of the customer. We had a lovely review from them regarding the fitter who remarked how friendly and professional he was.


Externally fitted Roller Garage Door

Of course, it's not always possible to fit a roller garage door inside the garage due to headroom issues. It's also not always possible to fit the door between the opening for the same reason. In this situation, if you are insisting on still having a roller garage door then the final option is to fit it externally.


White Double Roller Garage Door

Again as you can see this white double roller garage door had to be fitted between the opening due to height issues inside the garage. However I am sure you will agree it still looks good. The door was fitted in London SW6 area.

Hormann RollMatic OD

When you have little headroom in the garage we have a solution. Checkout the Hormann OD roller garage door video presented by one of the EuroNews TV presenters.

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