Side Hinged Garage Doors

Traditional barn door style side hinged garage doors were generally made from timber in the old days. Wooden side hinged garage doors were all well and good if they were looked after and painted or varnished every couple of years but if they were not carefully taken care of they tended to rot.  Thankfully nowadays, with modern timber treatments this is less of a problem however timber does still need regular care.

Modern Materials

These days more modern materials have allowed  side hinged garage doors to make a bit of a comback. As the image shows, this is a galvanised steel garage door in RAL7016 with a white steel frame around it.

Timber doors are still available of course and look great! So providing you can maintain them they are still a great choice.

Composite side hinged garage doors made from a combination of steel timber and GRP (fibre glass) can give you the great looks of wooden doors without the maintenence requirements.

ABS and PVCu materials are also available for side hinged garage doors and offer strong light-weight doors. With those designs the frames are made from steel and the panels are made from the plastics mentioned.

Better Locking

The modern locks are way better than the old style shoot bolt and padlock that tended to be fitted to side hinged garage doors in the past. Now we have modern Euro locking with a nice lever handle, sure there are still shoot bolts inside to prevent the door leafs from being forced but they are out of the way so they are harder for theives to tamper with them.

Why choose side hinged garage doors?

A side hinged garage door is a good choice when you are not using the garage for parking a car. Perhaps you are using the garage just for storage like putting away the Christmas tree or keeping the garden furniture in during the winter months when its not needed. Maybe you don't have a shed for your lawn mower and other garden tools so you want to use the garage instead. A lot of people use the garage door hide away unsightly wheelie bins and the like.

The most common use of side hinged garage doors from our point of view is where the customer is using the garage as an art studio, hobby area or workshop. For these purposes side hinged garage doors are the perfect solution.

The Manufacturers

We can supply & fit side hinged doors from the following top manufacturers:

Wessex doors manufacture their Platinum range of  side hinged garage doors using the Garador OFI steel Chassis for additional rigidity. Their unique Composite (GRP) panels are then fitted to the chassis. The panels are available in a range of colours and wood effect finishes and are suitable for Traditional and Contemporary homes alike.
The Garador range of side hinged garage doors come in a range of 17 colours and are available with Steel or Timber Panels. The panels are fixed to a steel "Open for Infill" frame ensuring strength and rigidity.
Hormann offer single and double leaf side doors for your garage. They are also able to offer up and over garage doors with a built-in side hinged wicket door on their N80 doors and sectional garage doors.  
Cardale side hinged garage doors are available in Steel, Plastisol Coated Steel, Timber and ABS which is a durable type of plastic. The Plastisol coated steel is useful to prevent the need for painting the door in the future so it's worth the extra money upfront. Cardale has been making doors for over 50 years and is now owned by Novoferm Ltd which is another well established garage door brand.
In addition to providing high insulation values, Novoferm insulated DuoPort leaf doors offer you the possibility to use your garage as a utility room, for leisure time or hobbies.  The use of high-quality and durable materials, top-quality processing and a wide variety of additional fittings give your garage a classic appearance in keeping with the style of your house and your personal taste.
Woodrite is a relatively new company formed in 2010 by John Brooks. They recently opened premises in Brackley, Northamptonshire that has purpose built dipping tanks, state-of-the-art staining and finishing booths, machine routers and tenoning machines and a skilled team of timber craftsmen. When you buy a Woodrite side hinged garage doors you are getting a quality product for sure.


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