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Need a New Garage Door Operator?

If you answered yes, then you need to consider the make and price, as well as the advantages of the operator that you choose:

  1. Is the operator quiet? Most chain drive operators are not very quiet, so we recommend a belt driven Boom.
  2. Will the operator be secure? We recommend a boom that has a built in physical lock to prevent burglars from getting in.
  3. Are the remote controlled handsets secure? You will need a remote that can not be copied by burglars.
  4. Can you operate the garage door opener with your iPhone or additional controls such as a keypad or finger print reader?
  5. Will the operator be reliable and maintenance free?

Hormann Promatic & Supramatic Operators

Watch the video to learn about the Hormann range of garage door operators that we generally recommend for professional installation.

So if this is the type of operator you want, call us today or fill out the form:

Call: 0800 002 9370

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