Alutech Panoramic Sectional Garage Door

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Alutech Panoramic Sectional Garage Door

Panoramic doors offer maximum visibility, while possessing all the benefits of sectional garage doors. Elegant aluminium construction with maximum glazing complies with modern design requirements, providing good thermal and sound insulation.


Our series of panoramic doors ensure the highest level of visibility with full glazing. This makes panoramic doors an ideal solution for contemporary residential garages, utilising glazed panels to create a bespoke and modern design while exploiting natural daylight.

Panoramic panels are made of extruded aluminium profiles installed with acrylic translucent insertions. The panoramic panels can be fitted with composite sandwich-panels which consist of two aluminium sheets filled with a polymer material, for maximum thermal performance.


  • Panoramic panels of aluminium profiles 40 mm thick
  • Components from galvanised steel
  • Basic spring resource up to 25 000 open/close cycles
  • Extended spring resource up to 100 000 open/close cycles
  • 4 mounting types
  • Doors maximum size of 6000 x 3000 mm
  • Any door size with height and width increments of 5 mm
  • Safety systems included in a standard set
  • Aluminium profile available in any RAL colour


Sectional doors can be completely made of panoramic panels. These panels can be combined with one or more sandwich-panels. For a perfect match of panoramic glazing and sandwich-panels the thickness of the frame is equal to that of our insulated panels (45 mm). The design of the cap shape is specially developed to ensure a sound interconnection, providing protection against jamming.
Our full range on panoramic doors can be incorporated with a wicket door. Giving access to the garage without opening the door itself. This option is a convenient solution for everyday use, and allows users the enter the garage without disrupting visibility.

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