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Henderson Cones & Cables (pre 1992)

A pair of premium quality cones and cables to suit all pre February 1992 Henderson canopy doors including doubles, as opposed to the later Premiere range canopy doors, which have detachable cables.


  • Roll pins
  • Spring lock out
  • Cones and cable

Fitting Instructions

Warning – It is important that this instruction is
followed correctly as personal injury, damage to
cable or loss of pre-tension could occur.

All work to be carried out from inside the garage.

Tools required: Screwdriver, Hammer, 4mm pin punch, 1/4″ diameter
toggle bar.

Note: You will need assistance when replacing and removing the crook pin. In order to ease the spring pressure place a 1/4″ diameter
toggle bar into the hole in the spring plug as shown, and turn it upwards. This will allow the crook pin to be inserted or removed.

Removal and replacement instructions.

1. Repair the door as follows:
a. Insert the crook pin into the right hand head bracket.
3. Support the spring and drive the hollow roll pin from one cone using a 4mm pin punch. Remove the old cone and re-fit the replacement.
Note: change one cone at a time as they are handed left and right, (the cable must emerge the same way as the original).
Repeat the procedure for the other cone making sure that both cables emerge from the cones on the same side of the shaft.
4. Before removing the crook pin ensure that the looped ends of the cable are within the recessed diameter of the roller spindle.

Note: You may need assistance when removing the crook pin. In order to ease the spring pressure place a toggle bar into the hole in the spring plug and turn it upwards an hold it while an assistant removes the crook pin using a screwdriver. Slowly lower the toggle bar whilst checking that both cables are routed correctly down the jamb channels and engaged correctly into the roller spindle groves.

5. Lubricate roller spindles, top latch and all other moving parts. To ensure continued ease of operation lubricate periodically.

All work is undertaken at your own risk.
SKU: HES1010

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