Henderson Premiere Cones & Cables

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Henderson Premiere Cones & Cables

A pair of premium quality cones and cables to suit all Premiere Henderson canopy doors manufactured after February 1992 fitted with detachable cables as opposed to the earlier range of canopy doors manufactured from the early 1970`s until 1992 which had pre-wired cones – (see HES1010 Pattern Cones and Cables PRE-PREMIERE).


Fitting Instructions

1. Using toggle bar, rotate shaft to ease spring pressure
2. Insert crook pin into right hand bracket (1) and secure door within opening
3. Remove side jamb channels (2) and head bracket bolts (3)
4. Remove door arms (4) from head bracket and door by withdrawing split pins (5)
5. Detach free crimped end of cable (6) from roller spindle clip (8)
6. Remove and discard cables and cones by driving hollow pin (7) from cone and shaft using a 4mm
pin punch and hammer
7. Replace cones ensuring that they are on the correct side as marked
8. Ensure that cones are correctly fitted by checking the cable fixing points on the cones are aligned
with each other
9. Fix cones using hollow pins and hammer
10. Refit the spring assembly and head brackets then replace door arm jamb channels by reassembling
in reverse order
11. Refit new cable by clipping into cone and roller spindle clips (8)
12. Ease spring pressure using toggle bar and remove crook pin
13. Allow spring to take up slack, ensuring that cables are in the outer groove, run down behind the
cone and that roller spindle clips (8) are in position as shown
Safety glasses and gloves should be worn at all times. If in doubt, this work should be carried out by an experienced installer.
You may require assistance.
All work is undertaken at your own risk.
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