Read on for more information on our Side Hung doors.

Garador Side Hinged Doors

If you watch the video you will see how easy these doors are to open and close. The Locking is very simple and they have a steel frame built-in.

One thing to watch out for is your driveway leading up to the door needs to be level, if your drive has a bank in front of the door it will not open properly.


The Tecketrup side hinged garage doors are a bit flashier than most other manufacturers. They are available with options such as 3-point locking and come with more handle options. But the doors operate in exactly the same way. The door shown is an insulated doors made from the Teckentrup Sectional door panels.

Hormann Side HInged Doors

I you like Hormann garage doors then take a look at the video regarding the NT60-2 Side Hinged garage doors, As can be seen it is a great garage door and it’s quite simple to install, they are a bit more expensive to have installed than the Garador doors above, they are fully insulated and have excellent locking. They can also be automated.

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