How do I order a garage door?

To order a new garage door you need to book a free survey and we will come out to measure up and quote.

What are your opening times?

We are open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday only.

Can I buy and fit a Garage Door Opener myself?

Of course you can however we recommend having it installed by a Professional company to ensure you do not have any issues with it and to ensure it is set up correctly.

What is your minimum call out charge?

We charge £88.00 + VAT to come out to your property to carry out a repair, we charge for parts and labour on top of this price so you might end up paying a bit more for the repair than just the call out charge.

Do you do Emergency Call Out?

Sorry, at present we DO NOT offer an emergency call out service. We will book you into the next available slot. We don’t work on the weekend at the moment.

How do I replace a garage door spring?

Open the door fully and prop it with a pair of mole grips near the rollers to stop it closing by itself. Loosen the old spring and fit the new spring. Then check it is balanced, when the door is balanced it will not close by itself, it will hold it’s position at about half way.

How do I replace Cones & Cables?

There should be instructions supplied with the parts but if not here is a summary. Close the door, if the door is wonky and jammed the fastest way to close it is to cut the cables and it should close quite quickly unless you have a safety device. If you have a safety device you can use a flat head screwdriver to unlock it and gradually lower it. It will need to be done each side in turn until its closed. Then knock out the pins and replace the cones and then tension the spring back up using a 3 or 4mm allen key depending on the door make, you will need tension bars and it easier with a set of mole grips.

How much is a new garage door?

The price varies depending on the size of your opening, whether it is a standard size and if you need a new frame or not. This is why we offer a free no obligation quote by one of our surveyors / fitters. You can get an idea of what we charge by visiting the Garage Doors section in our online shop.

How much is a new roller garage door?

As above basically, the prices vary considerably by Manufacturer, however there are one man bands out there offering very cheap door from as little as £999 or less, we recommend you stay away from them however, because they are here today, gone tomorrow. Its best to use a proper door manufacturer with a Factory so you can be certain you are getting a well made product, with a real warranty. For a single door you would expect to pay £1600 to £2000 and for a double around £2800 to £3300 roughly.

What is the most Secure door?

This is a popular question, it depends on the type of door you want. Generally a Sectional fitted behind the opening or a SWS Seceuroglide Excel roller garage door are the best choices for security.

Can I get my locks or handle changed?

Yes! Its usually possible to remove a handle and replace it, it will have two new keys. View Locks and Handles for more information.

How do I reconnect my garage door to the operator when it is manual mode?

This comes up more often than you may think! To disconnect the door you will pull the toggle located on the boom “trolley”. To reconnect the door you push the green button on the trolley which returns the lock and lift the door manually until it locks back into the slave on the belt. Now you can open and close the door using the operator again.